Yuri Yamamoto

First Major
Master of Media and Governance
Master of Medical Sciences
Secondary Major
Master of Medical Sciences
Research Subject

Comprehensive analysis of murine intestinal contents for understanding gut microbiota

Movie appreciation, Futsal, Video game
Special skill


I belong to Tomita laboratory since the 1st year of undergraduate school and I have been doing my research on gut microflora. Gut microflora is highly correlated to our health. As I thought that the evidence and benefits in the field of biology play an important role in raising our QoL, I wanted to study how to apply outputs of my study. When I entered the graduated school, I found this program. Although I have faced a lot of challenges since the first year of this program, I have been enjoying this program. Especially, commuting to the Hiyoshi Campus West
Annex to take classes every Saturday was quite challenge for me, because I have been studying and doing my research on the Tsuruoka town campus, Yamagata Prefecture. Despite this, through this program, I felt that my world has been expanding and that I was able to get to know my physical limit, strength, time and mental ability. It is my great treasure that I was able to know myself better than before and that my sense of values has been changed.

My life as a RA

My schedule on Saturday

My house and laboratory is so close. When I sleep later, I get up at 9:45, and if I do not finish to prepare my agenda, I do it all night long.
Time I discussed about my theme of GPE was decreased, so I spend time on my GPE in the morning.
A meeting of the reading circle about marketing
While new members take English classes, we hold a meeting circle reading circle about marketing.
When I am in TTCK, I take a lunch box of a convenience store or cook at home.
GPE(Each mentor group)
Sometimes, I am impatient because they.
Career path lecture
I am so hungry when all classes are finished. After that I read magazine or watching some movies and dramas for relaxation.


As an internship, I went to NPO in California between February and March in the last Spring. The NPO provides services to support education and to teach business to high school students. My role there was to order and make documents and to make message cards for students and others. All of these tasks made me aware of differences in cultures between Japan and America. Additionally, I was so impressed with the experiences other than the internship; talking with roommate, becoming friends of the same generation. The most impressive thing was that people had their dream, goal and purpose and told me all immediately. Almost all people have visions of their lives. I felt that it was so different from Japan. Besides that, my Taiwanese friend told me the present situation of Taiwanese health care system. It was a good opportunity for me to think what “health” is and what health cares should be in the world.

For students

The purpose and system of this leading program was well matched with what I wanted to do and thus it was quite attractive for me. Even though there are many opinions, I do not think that this program is suited for everybody. However, discussing and interacting with other students with different background is well worth for me. I am looking forward to meeting and discussing with new members.

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