Yuichi Kobayashi

First Major
Graduate School of Economics D2
Master of Media and Governance
Master of Arts in Economics
Research Subject

Formulation of Social System with the Most Complementary Interaction Ratio.

Japanese calligraphy, sports, watching movies


I had already made my mind to attend doctor’s course when I was an undergraduate. As I visited many Programs for Leading Graduate School (PLGS) around the country, I came to realize that the program of Keio University best suites my thoughts. One of the reasons was that almost all classes have been taught in English, the environment that suites my thought to become a world-class person.
In PLGS, people with various backgrounds, students and mentors can all discuss together and consequently gain new insights .Attending the program for five years will allow me to have a chance to study abroad and serve internships, all of which will definitely result in gaining practical knowledge that fits the society's needs. By utilizing these experiences I will gain, I would like to develop a network of research students (RAs) and return the favor to Japan society.

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