Yoshitaka Abe

First Major
Master of Science in Engineering
Master of Arts in Economics
Research Subject

System-energy conversion in robot control

Listening to music, Reading books, and Syorinji


“I wished to cause an innovation based on an integration of sciences by applying the major scientific approach to society while I studied and did research of my major science and technology,” which was my dream when I was an undergraduate student. I thought that the career path of the Program for Leading Graduate School (PLGS) may have led to realization of my dream. Thus, I decided to apply for this program. Fortunately, I was employed in this program.
This program provides us with unique experiences through various classes and a foreign internship. Group Project Exercise, the goal of which is a policy suggestion, gives us an opportunity to challenge ourselves to tackle solutions of social problems based on sciences with an advice of the mentors who came from companies or public institutions.
My first major is the control engineering and I will study economics as my second major. I am often surprised at common and different points between control engineering and economics. I will aim at an “innovation based on an integration of sciences by applying the major scientific approach to society while I study and do research of my major science and technology.” I am working in this program with a sense of fulfillment.

My life as a RA

My schedule on Saturday

I woke up early with effort because the first period class was held by the students proactively.
English Presentation and Discussion
A student gives a presentation about his/her favorite topic and the members discuss after the presentation. Today’s topic was “social impact bond.” The meeting is useful because we can get not only ability to discuss but also a different field of knowledge and its English words.
I and the members went to a Ramen shop for lunch.
All students give their presentations on the progress of Group Project Exercise (GPE). Other RAs’ high-quality presentation inspired me to make more effort. It was the first time to hear the presentation of the freshmen. They have higher varieties compared to the conventional grades.
Chat with friends after school
The topics included sociology and politics, which rarely become the topic in daily-life conversation and provided me with fresh intellectual stimulation.
Returning home
I did homework of da Vinci exercise (an exercise using a surgery robot “da Vinci”). I wrote technical discussions based on control engineering as the first major and social discussion inspired from economics as the second major.


I have experienced a foreign internship at an IT venture in Silicon Valley for about a month in February 2014. The company works a marketing of smartphone apps. My main tasks were information collection/ arrangement and a proposal to the company service. At the first week, I submitted the test bed of a proposal that was evaluated “interesting”by the supervisor. The supervisor passed my idea on to the technology division. However, the idea was rejected because it was difficult to be implemented. I felt sad at that time, but I came to think that I should make an implementation framework. I studied artificial intelligence by myself in English and considered a theory for the implementation. I managed to give not only a presentation with my proposal to the company but also implementation idea based on artificial intelligence in the final presentation.
On the other hand, I felt my inability to speak English because I could not discuss with the supervisor and other staffs sufficiently. I thought that I would have made most of my ability if I could speak English well. I felt through this internship that it is very important for me to be able to discuss seriously in English when working in global environment.
Other RAs also seem to have found their problems, and thus we RAs have held “English presentation and discussion” as a study session of English to overcome comprehensively the respective problems.

For students

This program consists of the students from completely different and various backgrounds beyond the boundary of graduate schools. On the other hand, I think that the common thing among all members is to have a dream, an aim, or enthusiasm toward our society. If you want to contribute yourself to the society while researching in your main field and studying another field, let’s challenge ourselves in this program!

For Those Who Want to Know More About This Program