Yoshikatsu Nakajima

First Major
Graduate School of Science and Technology D1
Master of Science in Engineering
Research Subject

Object recognition by using viewpoint class with SLAM

Road bike, Programming


I have been carrying out my research on computer vision, the area that is close to a study for commercialization and is easily collaborated with other research areas. Therefore, I believe that wider and deeper my knowledge becomes, more possible it is to introduce an innovation to our society. I thought that the Keio Program for Leading Graduate School (PLGS) would be the best place to achieve my intention. Although it has been not too long since I started attending PLGS as a research assistant (RA), I realize that my knowledge, indeed, becomes wider and deeper through discussions with a mentor and people from a variety of research areas. In addition, I realize that my intellectual curiosity has been increased and stimulated by activities through PLGS. Moreover, all RAs appear to be “outliers” in a good way, so that I can spend exciting, fulfilling and joyful days.

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