Takeshi Sano

First Major
Graduate School of Science and Technology D1
Master of Science in Engineering
Master of Media and Governance
Research Subject

High resolution live distribution

Playing sports, Movie appreciation, Art appreciation


Since I entered Keio University, I have been thinking of going to a master program, but not going to a doctoral program. However, I heard the Program for Leading Graduate School (PLGS) from a person who has been participating in PLGS and I became interested in PLGS. I found that PLGS has opportunities to interact with people in various fields and go abroad to learn cultures. Therefore, I decided to participate in PLGS for my own personal growth. When I do actual activities, I am often surprised at opinions from the people who are doing their research in the different fields. In addition, people who come from renowned Japanese companies teach us as mentors. I hope that I will go on and grow up more through PLGS and return something to our society.

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