Takao Kondo

First Major
Graduate School of Science and Technology D2
Master of Science in Engineering
Master of Medical Sciences
Secondary Major
Grad. Sch. of Medicine
Research Subject

Computer Science,Future Internet



My prime research target is design and implementation of a network architecture of Future Internet. This research aims for resolving disclosed problems in the current Internet and building a sustainable network architecture of the Internet even after several decades. Considering medicine can be one of the biggest new applications of the future Internet which is a social infrastructure, it is necessary to consider the requirements for supporting medical services on the Internet. However, since medicine includes high degree of professionalism, it is almost impossible to precisely understand the data and requirements of medicine without an appropriate education curriculum. Therefore, I applied to this leading graduate school program to satisfy both of the two academic majors, computer science and medicine, by the double degree (MMD) system of this program. Furthermore, the leading graduate school program has many mentors from blue-chip corporations and front of governmental agencies. With assistance of these mentors, all of activities in the program can be practical in a real society. This is one of the biggest fascinations of this program.

My life as a RA

My schedule on Saturday

8:00 Wake up and dress myself
Moving to Yagami campus
9:00 - 10:30 Participate in the teleconference of a academic society
10:30 - 12:30 Make a presentation material for todayy's GPE.
Moving to Hiyoshi campus west annex
13:00 - 14:30 Have GPE activities with mentors
14:45 - 16:15 Prepare for a competition in the next summer camp
16:30 - 18:00 Hear a career path lecture presentation from an outside lecturer
18:00 - Have a dinner with colleagues and go back to Yagami campus for miscellaneous duties


GPE (Group Project Exercise) in the leading graduate school program is policy-making activities for a super-mature society by participating RAs with assistance of mentors. In my GPE, the target is an implementation of a value-based medical system in a real society to make sophisticated medicines sustainable. The GPE defines a super-mature society as a society with highly intellectual productivity to be able to overcome declining society caused by decrease of productive-age population. In order to derive the accommodated intellectual productivity from the society, it is necessary for physical and mental health (active life) of aged people to be maintained and enhanced by sophisticated medical services. However, because sophisticated medical services tend to be expensive and yield a doubt of the sustainability, the GPE tries to implement a value-based medical system to resolve the conflict. This medical system is based on a theory of Value-Based Health Care (VBHC), which is proposed in medical economics.

In order to implement a value-based medical system, it is necessary to resolve complex problems spanning both of technical and institutional issues. VBHC evaluates cures corresponding with a patient's clinical condition quantitatively and finds a best practice among the cures by which the patient can enjoy a best outcome. And, VBHC standardizes the best practice to reduce cure cost for the clinical condition. However, in the quantitate evaluations of clinical raw information which is primary information of cure outcomes, both of technical and institutional problems emerge.

In terms of the technical problems, it is necessary to make a widely distributed and secure information infrastructure to support clinical raw information exchange for the quantitative evaluations. This infrastructure must be so widely spread as to exchange the enough amount of information to conduct precise cure evaluations and is supposed to be a nation-wide one. And, due to high sensitiveness of the exchanged information, this infrastructure is necessary to have an access control mechanism and adopt a distributed architecture. The access control mechanism enables each patient to specify the users and the usage purposes of his/her medical information. The distributed architecture is efficient to prevent massive information leak accidents caused by cracks against possible vulnerabilities in the system.

In terms of the institutional problems, it is necessary to make a patient-oriented legal system of medical information management and assure information security in the system. It is difficult to assure reliability of cure evaluations in the current patient-oriented system, in which medical practitioners are supposed to manage their patients' medical information and to be able to specify the usage purposes. Therefore, it is necessary to make a patient-oriented system in which each patient can specify stores of his/her medical information and usage purposes. This system can divide medical practitioners from these roles. Furthermore, it is also necessary to assure information security (confidentiality, availability, and integrity) in the patient-oriented system so as for the system not to damage mission-criticalness of medical services and confidentiality of medical information.

The GPE proposes both of technical and institutional design to implement a value-based medical system in a real society. From the technical design viewpoint, the GPE proposes a distributed medical information system named DiMIS and implements the system. DiMIS is composed of widely distributed storages each of which is operated by an autonomous storage operator (DiMIS storage operator). From the institutional design viewpoint, the GPE proposes an act of medical information management on DiMIS platform. In this act, the storage operation in DiMIS is based on a licensing system by competitive authorities. This licensing system supports an enhancement of patient's rights to his/her medical information and a burden of DiMIS storage operator's duties to medical information management.

It can be said that all of activities in the GPE are actual practices of integration of arts and sciences. Therefore, the GPE is exactly exciting and worth doing well. I am going to continue both of the technical and institutional activities in the GPE to realize a value-based medical system.

For students

This leading graduate school program is appropriate for those who have a strong intent to go on to a doctoral course and a doubt about practicality of only too specialized human resources. The double degree system and the GPE of this program provide wide range of knowledge and an ability to practice them in a real society with participating RAs. Before applying to this program, it is recommended considering your career path in future.

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