Takahiro Ishikawa

First Major
Master of Science in Engineering
Master of Arts in Business and Commerce
Research Subject

Human motion evaluation and creating a human assist device



I belonged to Keio Tennis Team during my undergraduate school. In Keio Tennis Team, I have often discussed with teammates about methods to become No.1 in national tournaments. And, sometimes, we have endured hard trainings. My time in Keio Tennis Team was, therefore, such a fruitful day, because I took my time lots for Keio Tennis Team. All these experiences made me grow much. After my retirement from the team, I wanted to devote myself to something again like what I have done in Keio Tennis Team. However, I felt that my knowledge of other things was quite limited, since I have devoted myself to Keio Tennis Team. To overcome this problem, I realize that the Program for Leading Graduate School where I can be associated with a variety of people is a good place for me to join. Now, every day is very fulfilling for me.

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