Shun Ikemoto

First Major
Graduated School of Science and Technology M1
Master of Arts in Economics
Research Subject

Support for long-term absence from mandatory school by economic viewpoint

Reading, Trip, Walk around town, Stock investment


I decided to enter the graduated school before I become aware of the Keio Program for Leading Graduate School (PLGS). Just before I took the entrance exam, I found the poster about PLGS and I was very impressed with its mission. There were two reasons why I participated in PLGS. First, I am majoring in educational economics related to labor economics. My research subject is entitled“Support for long term absence from mandatory school by economic view point”. This theme is closely connected with the new design of Japanese society on which PLGS focuses. Second, considering the fact that half of members have been majoring sciences, it becomes clear to me that majoring economics is in demand to make PLGS diversify.

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