Shoji Yamada

First Major
Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Master of Arts in Business and Commerce
Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Research Subject

Relationships between hepatocellular carcinoma in NASH and gut microbiota

Swimming, Reading books, Watching movies, Going to shrines, temples and castles


As my first major master degree, I have been studying relationships between hepatocellular carcinoma in NASH and gut microbiota and/or metabolites. Although my work is the basic research, it would be clinically related because my supervisor is a medical doctor. Considering the event of 3.11, I became interested in "relationships between technologies and the society" and I would like to get a job and return technologies (the field of medical care in particular) to the society in the future. At that time, I got to know the Keio Program for Leading Graduate School (PLGS). I participated in the program briefing session. I had then a very strong feeling that once I accomplish my major field of research, I wish to have a broad perspective of view and vision. Thus, I decided to join this program. In this program, we have been taking group project exercises (GPE) where mentors from renowned Japanese companies have been teaching us. In our GPE, we have been discussing many issues with our mentor Mr. Takahashi (Tokio Marine & Nichido HRA Co., Ltd.) and two more RAs (enrolled in 2012 and 2014) every week. My GPE project is entitled "Creating a new industry to increase QoL". Therefore, my GPE class lets me have an opportunity to get aware of new things through intense discussions with the mentor and junior and senior RAs. In addition, I have the opportunity to present my GPE project. Other mentors and RAs make suggestions for me. And, it would be very useful for me to blush up not only contents of my GPE theme but also my sense of values. For one year, I have had many opportunities to get aware of what is the most important for my future. I hope that I will go on and grow up more through the Keio PLGS in the future with my accomplishment so far.

My life as a RA

My schedule on Saturday

I woke up! It is very difficult for me to wake up early if I drink beer at Friday night. I went to the Hiyoshi West Annex from my house (I chose the route to arrive much earlier, but it was just a little bit expensive.)
I took the class of communication skill. It is very difficult for me to present something in English.
I bought my lunch at a convenience store. I talked to other RAs about our own main major research project, and I sent the e-mail at that time.
We took the lecture of the group project exercise (GPE). We had discussions with all professors, mentors, and RAs.
We discussed with our mentor (Mr. Takahashi, Tokio Marine & Nichido HRA Co., Ltd.). My GPE project was discussed thoroughly with Mr. Takahashi.
We took the career path lecture of Mr. Fujisaki who was the former Japanese Ambassador to the United States of America. I was impressed with his speech since he had dealt with many issues for us between Japan and USA.
I drank and did group work with other RAs. I went home early and drank a little bit, because I wanted to do my homework on Sunday.


In February, I have done my internship at a human talent company in San Francisco for a month. In the human talent company that focuses on engineers and the managers of medical institutions, I have made a list to be used for Internet recruiting site and organized the files and contracts. One bay area in San Francisco is called Silicon Valley and engineers gather there from all over the world. In addition, organizations of American medical institutions are very different from Japanese ones. I was able to feel all much easier through the internship experience in the human talent company than before. In the GPE session before I went to San Francisco, the mentor told me that if I wanted to know real Japanese situations, I needed to compare them with those in the foreign countries. However, I was not able to deny the feeling that I felt indigested about what my mentor told me. Through this internship, I got to know the foreign system and culture and I was able to notice the importance in comparing systems and cultures between foreign countries and Japan. In addition, there was an opportunity for me to explain about Japan to American people. I felt strongly that I must know about Japan more if I need to explain about it to American people.

For students

In the Keio Program for Leading Graduate School, excellent and highly independent RAs gather from different major fields of research disciplines. In addition, there are many opportunities to receive stimulation from the excellent professors, mentors and RAs. I am able to deepen my mindset as a human being by not only studying my major field of research but also thinking many issues related to the super mature society at the same time. It is certain that I will be able to have an awareness of my own maturity and future (research and relationships with people) as far as I belong to this program. Therefore, it will be up to me how I would utilize this awareness. If undergraduate and graduate students feel uncomfortable for their future, you should join our program for your future. You would have a new awareness.

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