Shohei Okamoto

First Major
Master of Arts in Economics
Master of Medical Sciences
Ph.D. in Economics
Research Subject

“Incentive Policies to Promote Preventive Behavior“

Trip, Sport


My major is economics, and I deal with topics regarding the social security system, which is one of the most important problems in “super mature society.” Especially, I have researched socioeconomic determinants of non-communicable diseases and cognitive decline. The reason why I decided to attend a master program was actually that I would like to join the Keio Program for Leading Graduate School. When thinking about my career after finishing an undergraduate school, I did not feel like entering a large company in Japan without any special skills. In addition, I wanted to have more opportunities to challenge myself and make further progress. Therefore, this program has been useful for me to gain mainly three things: practical and professional skills, abilities needed to work globally including English skill and friendly competition. An image of graduate school life seemed sober and gloomy, I found it significant later on, however, as I have been experiencing many chances for developing my skills, such as a government-commissioned project, new encounter with professors at medical school, and overseas activities, and so on.

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