Moe Takahashi

First Major
Master of Arts in Sociology
Master of Science in Engineering
Research Subject

The studies of the Chinese overseas and their consciousness of their own identity.

Igo, Kyogen, Drawing


I have been majoring in the socio-anthropology and focusing on the social situation in Asia. Recently, issues in the Japanese society become more complexed than before because the multilateral responses are required to work out a solution. As Japan enters into an aging society with a decline of birthrate, it is possible that people in Japan as well in neighboring areas will experience the impact of aging society in Japan. Thus, I think that it is important for us to consider issues under a change of social situations in Japan from an interdisciplinary viewpoint.
In addition, socio-anthropology faces a new challenge when we take technology into account. As a turning point of socio-anthropology where I feel a need for studies on technology, I did decide to participate in the Program for Leading Graduate School (PLGS). With mentors from a variety of companies and students with different fields of their studies, PLGS has been fostering me to encounter a new awareness. Whichever fields I stride on in the future, all experiences that I will gain in PLGS will become my own touchstone (Listen to others without criticizing others carelessly).

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