Mitsuyoshi Nakao

First Major
Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Master of Arts in Business and Commerce
Research Subject

Development Of Heat Shock Protein 70 Inducible Cosmetic Device

Basketball、 Movies


I am participating in the Program for Leading Graduate School (PLGS) from the second year master’s degree. When the first year master's degree, I have had a trouble in choosing whether I should go to a doctoral program or seek for a job. After all, I have been doing the job hunting, but I realized that I still wished to focus on my research or extracurricular activities. My opportunity of participating in PLGS was to get to know Mr. Yamada who is the the second generation of students in PLGS.
I think that this program is challenging but I believe that stimuli by learning together with people having different backgrounds is the thing I am not able to gain anywhere.

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