Masaki Sakamoto

First Major
Master of Law
Master of Science in Engineering
Secondary Major
Graduate School of Science and Technology M1
Research Subject

(First major) International Relations, Cold War History
(Second major) Network Analysis

Book reading, Swimming, Cooking


At first, when I enrolled in the Graduate School of Law, I planned to spend all of my time on the study of diplomatic history, in which I had already been interested since my undergraduate years. Even after I finally decided to apply for the Program for Leading Graduate School (PLGS), the reason for my decision was not because I had a specific reason for that, but just because I felt that this program seemed to do something interesting as a whole.
However, after the program has launched, I found it really intriguing in several ways, and more attractive than I had expected. Especially, in other environments, it would have not been too easy to have discussions with various types of project professors, mentors, and RAs from different fields of studies. Those discussions make me more conscious about my own fields and specialties. Also, they provide me with some clue to enter a new field of study.
This year, I am studying the network analysis at the Graduate School of Science and Technology for the second major master degree. There, I am planning to apply network analysis methods to the field of International Relations. It is very exciting to learn new methods, knowledge, and viewpoints, and to converge them on a line of the research.

My life as a RA

My schedule on Saturday

Woke up with a television alarm (morning news). Not feel very sleepy since I went to bed at 0:00 last night. Had a breakfast, took a shower, and got dressed.
Had a lesson of e-learning English course (program-recommended, routine).
Walked about 20 minutes to the Hiyoshi West Annex.
Joined a study session (on statistics) arranged by RA2014.
Joined a English presentation session with other RAs. Following discussion often continued even after scheduled time run out.
Had a lunch with other RAs.
The most tempting time for sleeping during our long Saturday. Stayed up and worked at a current research in the second major.
Had a Group Project Exercise session with mentor Mr. Shimazaki (from Marubeni) and other four RAs, including a RA2014. Our group consists of students from architecture, political science, control engineering, sociology, and commercial science (I suppose it is one of the most diverse groups in PLGS). That is why a presenter is always fired on all sides.
Attended a general meeting. Today’s agenda is about Sumer Camp 2014 in August. This year, we have a project competition. Soon after the meeting, I formed an “Energy Problem” team with an RA.
Had a dinner and drank with other RAs.
Back to Hiyoshi West Annex, and had a meeting on the Summer Camp.
Back to home. After taking a bath, took a rest or work a little more. That day, I watched “Conversations with History,” series of interviews provided by UC Barkley University website. The topic was closely related to my first major research theme.
Went to bed.

Internship & Camp

In the spring of 2013, I had an overseas internship program for one month at a law office in San Francisco. After the program, as soon as I went backed to Japan, I directly participated in the 2013 Winter Camp of PLGS in Shizuoka. At that time, especially when I gave a presentation in that camp, I found that my English skills have been clearly improved. In fact, the score of English skill test also became much better than before. Though it seems not likely that I am satisfied with both my English skills and researches, it will be my great pleasure if I could make a progress step by step and produce good results in each camp,

For students

Like other research and education programs, PLGS is never a “versatile tool” to provide everything. Yet, if you have the spirit and positiveness for researches and activities, I promise that PLGS provides you with the best environment. I am looking forward to seeing you at the Hiyoshi West Annex in a new semester!

For Those Who Want to Know More About This Program