Maki Dan

First Major
Master of Science in Engineering
Master of Arts in Business and Commerce
Ph.D. in Engineering
Secondary Major
Graduate School of Business and Commerce M1
Research Subject

Architectural and urban disaster management,Business Ethics,CSR

Playing poker,Watching sports(American football,Baseball, etc.),Hanging out,Watching movies


It was a week ago when I found the Keio Program for Leading Graduate School (PLGS) and I have started to write application forms within 10 minutes. As a 1st year’s RA in this program, I have experienced a lot and sometimes I felt very tough because there I faced many things inexperienced, but every experience became my provisions. I have felt that my ability has been surely improved than before. Especially, I was able to experience what standard graduate students cannot experience during their students’ years, including fieldworks, interviews with experts and discussions with mentors who usually work in business world. All RAs have high motivations and ability and I believe that this program is the one of the best places to study. Now, I am studying business ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR) based on the background studies of my first major and group project exercise (GPE). I am interested in social performances of business enterprises: in other words, how companies can contribute to local communities. I believe that one of the attractive points of this program is that every activity can produce synergistic effects to each other.

My life as a RA

My schedule on Saturday

Waking up.
Going to training gym in the dormitory as rubbing my drowsy eyes.
Finishing training and taking in a shower and then going to Hiyoshi West Annex Campus.
Preparing materials for GPE or attend independent activities by RAs.
Having a lunch with friends, mostly Japanese noodle. My magic spell is “Katame, Koime, Ome”.
Listening to a lecture by Kawasaki city. The contents are related to my GPE and interesting.
Attending GPE
Attending career path lecture.
Hanging out with some RAs, but when I realized that I was feeling so good. Yes, I was drunk.
Going home and joining a party with exchange students in the dormitory.
Going back to my room and taking a shower and playing poker before going to bed.


I have already experienced seasonal camps four times, but I was able to attend only the 1st and 4th ones on the spot and I had to attend other two camps from a distance using remote access due to a camp for the first major and internship. We had only ten RAs at the time of the first camp and the scale of the camp was relatively small, so that we were able to have in-depth communications. On the other hand, the fourth camp was very lively because we had a triple number of RAs; however, at the same time, we had to contrive the theme of the camp to make it more meaningful. By the way, we will have an unconventional camp in this summer. Of course the preparation for the camp is very tough, but I am looking forward to this camp.

For students

I guess that you have already been interested in this program. That is why you are reading this page now, isn’t it? Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today? Great people and great surroundings are waiting for you in this program. Let’s study together with us and expand your ability abroad.

For Those Who Want to Know More About This Program