Koyo Yu

First Major
Master of Science in Engineering
Master of Medical Sciences
Ph.D. in Engineering
Secondary Major
Master of Medical Sciences
Research Subject

Development of robotic drilling system for implant surgery

Camera, Aquarium


I had felt there was something discomfort in my style that I would passively continue my own research and irresponsibly get into a company. I have entered the program for leading graduate school to break this uncomfortable feeling and it has been a fulfilling year. I have been able to get an overview of the current situation and increase my awareness of the issue through discussion with mentors having active career in company and industrial arena and omnibus form lecture series from governmental agent on every Saturday. Especially, my mentor, Ueda-san from Sony Corporation, made me aware of the importance of independence that initiates my own action. Currently, my research is a development of robotic drilling system for dental implant surgery, and I will go on to the medical department next year. I will take an advantage of these acquired skills in the leading graduate school such as the ability of overviewing, awareness, and independence to experience the problem in medical fields and to grab a solution. Subsequently, I want to link the experience in the medical department to my doctor course research.

My life as a RA

My schedule on Saturday

Frequently staying in sleeping place of K2 campus because of the early morning on Friday.
Go to laboratory meeting room by bicycle.
「【Major】Multi-laboratory Joint Seminar」
Paper submission at international journal form and oral presentation in English. A presentation in every two months.
Noon Lunch in “VendorXVendor” with leading graduated school members.
Recommended by Dwayne, who is an English teacher of “Communication Skill”
「Group Project Exercise」
Discussion with Shimasaki-san, the mentor from Marubeni about the vitiation to Burma as a member of enterprise association with Mr. Abe, the prime minister of Japan
「Kawasaki omnibus」
About local community and livelihood support for the single elderly, cognition about the demand of watching over the elderly
Night Reading “The Art of Community” recommended by my mentor Ueda-san from Sony.
Internet surfing and getting to bed (1:00)


I still remember the insecure feeling when I first visited the garage of BMW in San Francisco, which was the host company of my internship. The route from my hotel to the company was a little rough area, and it was restless and fidgety to go to my workplace for the first time. My legs felt like jelly in such unfamiliar place surrounding with people who have different appearance and speak a different language. However, the security feeling was special after the successful communication with the first man using my poor English skill. The biggest fruit of this internship was my strengthened courage. Although there are a full of unfamiliar things, we can deepen our trusty relationship without timid by asking and communicating each other. As a result, I was able to gradually assigned to have a more responsible job, although I did only accomplish very simple tasks at first. It was a very valuable experience that gave me my confidence to go anywhere.

For students

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk.” It is a word used in a class that is still strongly engraved in my mind. Although it is common to complete science and engineering doctorates in Europe and the United States, it tends to be considered as a risk in Japan. However, there is no guarantee that a secure job in any big company remains forever. Therefor, what we have to do is to learn our ability in the leading graduate school to rebuild the company or to start a business from scratch.

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