Ken Nagao

First Major
Master of Science in Engineering
Master of Arts in Business and Commerce
Ph.D. in Engineering
Secondary Major
Graduate School of Business and Commerce
Research Subject

Computer graphics、Computer vision

Music, Art, TV games


Since I entered Keio University, I have been thinking of going to a doctor course. This was because I wanted to strengthen my professionalism and would contribute to the development of the research fields. On the other hand, I have been worried about whether only pursuing one aspect was good and I have been feeling the need for various points of view. Then, I encountered the Leading Graduate School Program, where I can pursuit a development of the super mature society from global points of view, and I determined to join the program. After have being selected as a RA, what stimulated me firstly were a series of discussions with mentors, who are having great successes and experiences in various fields of business, industry and government. The comments which were made by mentors and based on plenty experiences in real society were really fresh to me, because I did not have any working experiences in real society except as the internship and part-time jobs. This enriched my perceptions towards various fields. Furthermore, only-English diverse lectures and presentations increase not only my knowledge and techniques but also my ability to look at issues from a broad perspective. My future goal is to give new aspects to a consumer society, especially in the area of marketing, from the view of my major, computer graphics and computer vision. I can pave the way for the goal through the Leading Graduate School Program.

My life as a RA

My schedule on Saturday

Waking-up. After having breakfast, I take shower and shake off sleepiness.
Moving to Hiyoshi West Annex. I can sit on in the train because it is Saturday.
Rechecking my prepared materials for my group exercise.
Group exercise with my mentor. I reconfirmed how important the survey of related work is.
A seminar for a marketing with the mentor and RAs.
Having launch with the members. It is good that there are many good restaurants in Hiyoshi.
Listening to the presentations by 2nd RAs. I was impressed by the more refined contents compared to those in Spring.
Group exercise with 2nd-year RAs. I discussed the contents of group exercise of 2nd-year RAs.
A career path lecture by Mr. Karlsson (ELSEVIER). Through the lecture, I considered what researchers should do.
Going to drink with the members of group exercise including the mentor. We talked not only about study but also about many other things. All were fun.
Going home.
I take a shower and review what I did and learned today. After that, I play TV games and go to the bed.


I worked for the mobile game company as international internship in San Francisco during March in 2013. There, I learned many things including the way to convey my opinion in English effectively and how my major, computer graphics, is used in the real society.
What impressed me most was that how to express one’s opinion is very different between Japan and the United States. In Japan, it is not always appropriate to directly express one’s opinion, while in the United States, it is important to have a firm opinion (s) and directly express it. Before I went to the United States, I did learn about this, but it was still really interesting when I experienced it both in business and nonbusiness. Additionally, I reconfirmed that accepting the difference will be much more important in the future society where globalization is currently in progress.

For students

This program gives us various opportunities to enrich our knowledge and views: discussions with professional mentors, lectures encompassing various fields, diverse carrier path lectures, international internship and so on. On the other hand, it is up to us to deepen our first major knowledge. If you are interested in the program, please consider your joining the program by keeping the above points in your mind.

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