Keita Shimmei

First Major
Graduate School of Business and Commerce D1
Master of Arts in Business and Commerce
Master of Medical Sciences
Research Subject

Measuring the demand function of household fuel in India

Camera,Workout, Marathon, Mountain Climbing, Drive
Special skill
Ten-puzzle, Rubik’s Cube, Climbing down Mt. Fuji within 1 hour


I am studying the economic growth in developing countries, especially in India. It seems that the super mature society and developing countries lie at opposite ends of the spectrum. However, since developing countries in Asia and Africa have been facing with the problem of the super mature society as Japan, it is necessary to consider how to cope with the problem and lead the economy of the countries to an appropriate direction. In this program, I would like to do my research on the problem and solution in Japan with the members who have their various backgrounds. I will apply the knowledge from this activity to development of the countries by combining it with my major in economics.

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