Hiroki Nagashima

First Major
Master of Science in Engineering
Master of Arts in Economics
Secondary Major
Graduate School of Economics
Research Subject

Robot Control for Human Support Based on Real-World Haptics

Basket Ball, Classical Guitar, Juggling


As felt attracting to the unique environment, I have joined the Keio Program for Leading Graduate School (PLGS). After two years from my enrollment, I have been spending as a RA the third year in the Graduate School of Economics. Although time management of three research fields, the first major and second-majors and Group Project Exercise (GPE) in PLGS is hard to do, I have been doing my best and considering research style based on a viewpoint from the second major’s knowledge and experience, many kinds of advices in PLGS. In order to resolve daunting problems in super mature society, such a kind of strength is effective. In the research field of the first major degree, I have been engaging Real-World Haptics, robot-control methodology for the use of human-support space. In order to achieve the practical realization of this technology, a foresight into making aware of social demands, intellectual property strategy in terms of base technology with high economic ripple effect and a panoramic viewpoint are all indispensable. As I wish to gain all these abilities under our comprehensive training environments, I will do my daily effort to become such a human being who will be able to give my own abilities back to super mature society.

My life as a RA

My schedule on Saturday

Wakeup, Breakfast
I had toast and salad (bought yesterday) as watching TV. I had vegetable juice and coffee.
Participation of joint meeting in the first major’s research group
This is an opportunity to make my progress presentation. All of papers, presentations and Q&A are done in English. By stimulating my brain as listening in English to my research fields, a research idea has come to my mind. I have written it on my research note.
Lunch with RA with the same age at “HIYOURA”
A lunch at “HIYOURA” is one of the funs on Saturday’s schedule. A talk during a lunch break is about the asset management that is my friend’s hobby. I became interested in it, and I will investigate it.
Group Project Exercise (GPE)
I have discussed on this-year GPE theme with Prof. Takahashi who is an attorney-at-law and patent attorney. I have often been surprised at a variety of his knowledge. Outline of the theme has been decided.
Discussion about research presentation on the summer camp
In the next camp, the main content has been decided as the team project. I will decide members and theme as soon as possible.
Buying a dish at a local fish shop, and having a dinner at the laboratory
Today’s menu was marlin’s teriyaki, retort rice and instant miso soup. It was very easy but enough.
Research Activity
Basically, my research style is to work from Monday through Saturday and Sunday is a day off, and then I will do my research activity even after taking long classes. What I wrote in my research note in this morning was summarized as PPT slides. After that, some papers for my master thesis in economics have been surveyed.
Bath, Reading and going to bed
After coming home and taking a bath, I read a book entitled “The path” written by Konosuke Matsushita. Is it the philosophy? Have a nice weekend, and I’ll also do my best next week.


In February, 2013, I have had work experience at an official kindergarten in Northern city, Chiang Mai in Thailand. I did stay at Thai Elephant Home with an hour’s drive from Chiang Mai city where the kindergarten is a little minutes-walk from there. The main language is Thai, and the environment was not same as the cram school that I have worked as a part timer in my undergraduate days. I was confounded with how to teach. Though it is said that knowing how to drink is most important in a new environment, I thought that playing with kids is the correct way in kindergarten. Thus, I played with them as much as I could before classes, in a break between classes and afterschool in the first step. I was able to get closer to them not by keeping my position, but by coming to their position. With this experience, in the class where I need to deal with English words and numbers, I have tried an experience-based class instead of a lecture-based class. I have proposed this method, and the teachers have accepted it. In addition, I have taught OTEDAMA and ORIGAMI as Japanese games. When I saw the kids playing OTEDAMA and ORIGAMI pleasantly after the school, I felt much accomplished and relieved. In the home stay, I had some chances to eat a dinner and to talk with visitors from variety countries, all which were also treasurable experiences. When I talked about the robotic research, there were many different reactions, opinions and imaginary worlds different from person to person and among origins of countries. Although a practical realization of research technology for a variety of people may be difficult to be accomplished, I re-realized that it would be worth being challenged.

For students

The Keio Program for Leading Graduate School is the place to gain “self-awareness”. We ordinary discuss about each experience, background and research field with students, teachers and mentors in various fields. Thanks for the experiences, we can increase choices of behavior and career path. Additionally, we can clarify the one’s existence and a right street catching common and/or different points each other. Why don’t you produce a synergy for our development in PLGS?

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