Harumiko Sumi

First Major
Master of Arts in Economics
Master of Science in Engineering
Research Subject

Health economics

Playing the piano


I have decided to join in the Keio Program for Leading Graduate School (PLGS) when I found a piece of paper in an envelope of admission to the graduate school of economics which was sent home in February in my senior year. The paper did describe the Keio PLGS. I was very impressed with an idea of double majors for an integrated education of arts and sciences and cultivation of highly qualified doctoral students for our society.
I have made a great effort to prepare for the examination which was held at the end of April. I have also noticed soon after I entered the Graduate School of Economics that there were not many students, and that there were days that I did not say any words in the university. Fortunately, I passed the examination. After I got into the program, I found friends from many other graduate courses. We can mutually enhance one another and it means a lot to me.
To be honest, it is quite difficult for me to do research for my major and to study also completely new fields for me in different ways. However, thinking about how much I can gain from professors, mentors and other RAs, it is worth trying hard in this program.

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