Daisuke Ando

First Major
Master of Science in Engineering
Master of Arts in Business and Commerce
Ph.D. in Engineering
Secondary Major
Graduate School of Business and Commerce
Research Subject

Content Espresso: Distributed storage system for globally large file sharing High resolution content distributing system using content espresso

Photo, Town walking
Special skill
Guessing someone’s blood type. Making UTP cable


When I decided to join the leading program, it was just three days before the application deadline. At that time, I happened to find the pamphlet of the program and I attended the information session. Professor Yamanaka explained about the aim of this program and I believed that this program would cultivate me to be an attractive leader. Thus, I decided to join the program. After I joined, I was excited because there were a lot of bright students. This experience was the big turning point of my life.

My life as a RA

My schedule on Saturday

11/28 (Thu)
I had a demonstration on my first major in DMC (Research Institute for Digital Media Contents in Keio).
11/30 (sat)
I had a group exercise meeting. The main topic was a community research in December. We discussed about a questionnaire sheet.
I attended CloudCom 2013 in Bristol, UK, which was an international conference. I discussed about my research topic and student life with Ph.D students from various countries.
12/7 (Sat)
I returned back to Japan. I fixed the questionnaire sheet for the community research and printed them in my lab.
I attended CineGrid Workshop 2013 to have a community research in San Diego, USA. The purpose of the research was to analyze relationships between willingness to collaborate and willingness to contribute to the community.
12/14 (Sat)
Pre defense of the first major master thesis.

It looks so busy but this schedule was not common schedule.
Actually, I’m writing this schedule in San Diego.
After I return back to Japan, I start to write master thesis.


I worked at Velos, Inc. in Fremont, USA for a month since
February 2013. The company produces medical management
software. My project was to create new service using public
medical information and using marketing methodology, and to
help code mobile version of products. I have learned how to
communicate and discuss in English. In addition to this, I got
into the habit of welcoming other people from foreign
countries. When I went to the office of Velos, workers greeted
me a lot. At that time, I felt relieved and I came to love Velos. I
thought that I should do this in Japan. Actually I have been
trying this habit in lab when students from foreign countries
come and they were pleased very much. I would like to
continue this habit and I believe that this habit is very
important in globalized world.

For students

This leading program requires us to work in industries. Japanese society has started to seek for specialists. There is no stable position in current Japanese society because the situation in Japan has completely changed. In such a society, we can believe only our own skills and connections to the others. We can get a chance to obtain both of them in the leading program. If you would like to be a human who are active not only in Japan but in the world, I recommend you to join us. This program is very hard and tough but you can get a lot out of this program.

For Those Who Want to Know More About This Program