Message from the Coordinator

Program Coordinator

Fumihiko Kannari

Professor, Graduate School of Science and Technology

To thoroughly cultivate an international mindset and leadership qualities, it is necessary to start early. If energetic young people in their twenties and thirties seek to foster these qualities and forge their own career paths on the global stage while being buffeted by day-to-day tribulations on the job or overwhelmed by the challenges of working overseas, it will already be too late. By implementing a new educational program at Keio University that brings together the comprehensive resources of our graduate schools, we have been challenging to raise doctoral students’ capabilities during their graduate studies that will become highly effective global leaders with a command of advanced technologies on which our society’s future depends.
We regard the need for new social systems, as Japan evolves into a Super-Mature Society at a rate unmatched elsewhere in the world, not merely as a challenge but as a platform for creativity. Our aim is to produce highly qualified doctoral students with outstanding ability to develop and expand a broad perspective of view and vision by integrating academic research and methodologies of students’ first and second major areas of specialization through cooperation between students in arts and sciences and under the guidance of highly qualified mentors from various fields of industry.