Summer School Report

Maki Dan
First Major:Graduate School of Science and Technology,
Secondary Major:Graduate School of Business and Commerce M1
Place:T.I.M.E. Summer School,Istanbul Technical University
Term:June 29,2014-July 13,2014

I have attended the T.I.M.E. summer school at Istanbul Technical University for two weeks since the end of June. Students who have been studying in various places in Europe attended the T.I.M.E. summer school and the summer school was held at plural universities using teleconference system. Actually, another RA, Daisuke Ando also participated in the summer school in Sweden and we had presentations and discussions with each other. In Istanbul Technical University, twelve students including me were in the summer school and we have worked on a project for the two weeks by utilizing our different specialties and academic backgrounds. The program started early in the morning and we had to work until around 6 pm, and in some cases, we had to work after going back to the hotel. Actually it was a hard program, but I believe that I was able to obtain great knowledge and experiences through the program. In addition, it was fruitful to find out that I was able to positively show leaderships in this international community as compared to the internship that I attended in the first year.

A working scene in the university

A working scene in the hotel’s rooftop terrace