Summer Camp 2017

August 26, 2017 – August 27, 2017
Marubeni Tama Center Training Institute
2-39-2 Bessho Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-0363

Proposal Competition for Super Mature Society

In advance of this camp, RAs, divided into nine teams, extracted issues related to super mature society and carried out field work. On the first day of the camp, RAs discussed the solutions to the issues extracted by each team with the professors, mentors, and graduates, and brushed up the ideas. Finally, RAs completed their proposals in Japanese and English and gave presentations about that in English.

The Winning Team

Name Grade & department
Shohei Okamoto 1st-year doctoral program, Graduate School of Economics
Yasuhiro Kojima 1st-year (2nd-major) master program, Graduate School of Business and Commerce
Takahiro Ishikawa 1st-year (2nd-major) master program, Graduate School of Business and Commerce
Yukihiro Imakiire 2nd-year master program, Graduate School of Science and Technology
Fei Ding 1st-year master program, Graduate School of Law

An Idea of the Winning Team

They have made a proposal with the vision of promoting and improving employment of people with disabilities. In the final competition, they proposed a scheme using Social Impact Bond (SIB) to actively utilize private resources and enhance labour conditions, including their wages. SIB is a mechanism which governments outsource projects for solving social problems as pay-per performance type, financing from private sectors.

  • Photo 1 of the winning team member (from the left: Mr. Ishikawa, Kojima, Okamoto, Fei, and Imakiire)

A Roundtable Discussion by Graduates

In this summer camp, we held a roundtable discussion by graduates who completed the Leading Program in March 2017. The graduates told RAs about learning from the PLGS and their job hunting, looking back over the five years spent in the Program for Leading Graduate School and working experiences in the workplace.

Final competition

Comments from Faculty Members


A Roundtable Discussion

Group Photo