Summer Camp 2013

Date: August 24, 2013 – August 25, 2013
Location: Fuji Institute of Education and Training
656 Shimowada Susono-shi, Shizuoka, 410-1105

A Total of 24 RAs Made Presentations in the Summer Camp

RAs making presentations


Both new RAs who were hired in the April 2013 and ones who joined the program last year made presentations on their researches, a progress of the group project exercises and their future plan in the Program’s second summer camp. Mentors and faculties took their parts in a question and answer sessions with RAs. Their comments will help RAs to pursue their researches and activities.

An RA receiving questions from a mentor


Lectures by Faculties

Faculties gave lectures on Super Mature Society. RAs and faculties lively exchanged their opinions.


Some Pictures from the Camp

Chairs of the session


Group Photo