「Strategy and Leadership in the Semiconductor Industry」Dr. Peter Ventzek and Mr. Jim Greenwell Marketing and Technology, Tokyo Electron America Inc.

On October 22, 2016 (Sat.), Dr. Peter Ventzek and Mr. Jim Greenwell gave us a lecture entitled “Strategy and Leadership in the Semiconductor Industry” at the Hiyoshi West Annex, the base of this Leading Program.

Dr. Peter Ventzek and Mr. Jim Greenwell are currently working at department of Marketing and Technology of Tokyo Electron America Inc. Dr. Peter Ventzek obtained his doctoral degree at the University of Michigan and completed his “post-doc” at the University of Illinois. Then, he joined at Hokkaido University as an Associate Professor, and later opportunity at Motorola in Austin Texas led him to have his present position. He is also a Project Professor at Keio University now. Mr. Jim Greenwell graduated BS in Aerospace Engineering and had MBA. After he finished his work as a Former Army helicopter pilot, he started working in semiconductor industry. He has experienced a variety of jobs, and now he works for Tokyo Electron America Inc.

They gave us a very interesting lecture on what has been and will be the role of strategy and leadership for development of semiconductor industry. Since they have been leading Marketing and Technology for Tokyo Electron in global field, the presentation consisted of very practical contents. All of the contents were helpful for our activities in the Program for Leading Graduate School (PLGS) at Keio University even though our field is not only industry.

In their presentation, strategy was explained as a careful plan and/or method for achieving a particular goal over a long period of time. Dr. Ventzek and Mr. Greenwell lectured specific ideas about strategy and essential components of leadership to utilize thinking of strategy in teams. The idea is not only important for industry and business we will participate in in the future but can be introduced to our present research activity and GPE: a core activity in PLGS to seek a solution(s) of problems Japan is facing now. By progressing our activities with the ideas, it is thought to be possible to make better results and more growth. In addition such practical lecture, both speakers gave us messages in the presentation and Q and A time including an importance and positive ideas about mistake. All of the messages strongly encouraged us.

The students in PLGS all have the same mission to become a leader of an international society and lead the world in the future. This lecture was extraordinarily important to give us precious ideas and strong encouragement.

Texted by Koji Kosai, Enrolled in Spring 2016, M1, Graduate School of Science and Technology

Marketing and Technology, Tokyo Electron America Inc.
Dr. Peter Ventzek and Mr. Jim Greenwell

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