Lecture by Dr. Ryo Kubota, Acucela Inc.: My Career Path and Requirements for a Global Leader

On Saturday, July 12, Dr. Ryo Kubota, Chairman, President & CEO, of Acucela Inc., gave a lecture at the West Annex. Acucela Inc. is a pharmaceutical venture company based in Seattle. A Phase 2b/3 trial of emixustat hydrochloride in subjects with GA associated with dry age-related macular degeneration is underway.

Dr. Ryo Kubota established Acucela Inc. in order to discover and develop novel therapeutics to treat and slow the progression of sight-threatening ophthalmic diseases. Dr. Kubota’s passion is ” I want to eliminate the blindness from the world”.

Dr. Kubota shared very interesting stories and messages, including his attitude of going after his dream from his childhood, how important to take risks in order to make innovation happen, and the diversity and the difference of communities between the US and Japan, based on his experience. There were so many questions from the students and the lecture had to be extended for a while. We were highly inspired by Dr. Kubota’s energetic personality.

(Texted by:Yosuke Iwasaki, Enrolled in 2014 Spring,M1,Faculty of Science and Technology)

Dr.Ryo Kubota, MD, PhD
Chairman, President& CEO
Acucela Inc. http://acucela.com/