Lectures by Mr. Masatoshi Sato (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Ms. Yumiko Murakami (OECD).

In the evening of May 21st, Mr. Sato and Ms. Murakami lectured us at the West Annex. Many students attended the lectures that were remotely and lively delivered to three other campuses, Mita, SFC and Shinanomachi.


Mr. Sato lectured us on “How to work in international organizations?” and provided us with many comments made by members of international organizations. Ms. Murakami showed us her career path and outlined what types of human resources are needed for international organizations and the issues that Japanese society has been facing based on research results conducted by OECD.


Our students asked questions to Mr. Sato and Ms. Murakami, answers that helped us tremendously understand international organizations and consider international organizations as one of our potential career paths in the future.

(Texted by:Yasunari Ikeda, Enrolled in 2014 Spring, M1, Faculty of Science and Technology)

Masatoshi Sato
Chief, Recruitment Center for International Organizations, Foreign Policy Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: http://www.mofa.go.jp/

Yumiko Murakami
Head, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Tokyo Center
OECD: http://www.oecd.org/