Group Project Exercise

Brush up RAs’ ability to identify and solve a problem(s)

The group project exercise is most important in the core curriculum of our program. Every Saturday, mentors, mostly a manager or equivalent or higher position in renowned Japanese industries and/or a local government, instruct RAs with a different standpoint from the regular graduate education. In a small group of RAs with a mentor, RAs will be provided with actual societal issues and brush up their ability to identify a problem(s) and to plan and solve a problem(s). Results of exercises will be reflected as RAs’ policy proposals and/or a long-term strategy of industries.

Mentor’s Voice

Mentors attending from private and public sectors are expected to play as the coach or advisor to proceed with projects and to convey their way of thinking, even their way of living. I hope research assistant persons not only learn from mentors but exceed them also, and feel they are ready to do so.

Toru Yamasaki

Executive Research Principal
Research & Technology Group
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
Project Professor (Part-time),
Graduate School of Science and Technology
Keio University

Collaboration of diversified sophisticated persons beyond the barrier of current existing organization, nation or region, will solve upcoming complex problems which we may face elegantly and quickly. And they will challenge another enterprise. Such collaborative community is what our society is anticipating for. I believe the research assistants are ready to start the actions.

Satoru Ueda

Senior Open Alliance Manager
Software Design Technology Promotion Dept.
Software Design Group
Sony Corporation
Project Professor (Part-time)
Graduate School of Science and Technology
Keio University