Global Activities

In our program, special trainings have been established to foster RAs to develop their perspective of view and vision and innovative planning ability along with their major expertise. The trainings included will be internships abroad during their master programs (working experience in a foreign company, NPO or organizations for four weeks) and research study abroad during their doctoral programs (receiving research guidance by foreign sub-supervisors for a half year). Furthermore, field works abroad for their group project exercise and their presentations in international academic scientific meetings and workshops will all be considered as important global activities to exchange and discuss many issues and establish a network with foreign experts.

Internship REPORT

Relationship between OECD and Super Mature Society

Kenta WAKAIZUMI, M.D. Research Assistant, D2, Graduate School of Medicine Place: OECD (Tokyo, Paris) Term: Feb. – ......more

Report of studying abroad REPORT

Research internship in University of Freiburg, Germany

Wataru Yoshiki Year: 2nd year of PhD candidate / RA2012 Belonging: Graduate School of Science and Technology Destination......more

Six months in Stanford University

Maki Dan Year: 2nd year of Ph.D. candidate / RA2012 Belonging: Graduate School of Science and Technology Destination: St......more



Summer School Report

Maki Dan First Major:Graduate School of Science and Technology, Master(Technology) Secondary Major:Graduate School of Bu......more