Yurie Kubo

First Major Graduate School of Media and Governance M2
Research Subject

A study on child poverty policy in Japan ~ from social innovation points of view ~

Hobby Swimming, Ballet, Movie appreciation


To press my research forward, I thought that I needed to know more about a society system, its motivation that made me think I would like to participate in the Program for Leading Graduate School (PGLS). Since, PGLS has had collaborations with industries, local governments and schools. I will be able to study and get to know what the industries and local governments are working on time. Moreover, most of the classes are taught in English and there are also English classes. Therefore, I can practically use English and I can hopefully improve my English skills in the future. In PLGS, I would like to figure out what I can do and what a leadership I can take. All will nurture me to be a person who can contribute to our society.