Koji Kosai

First Major Graduate School of Technology and Science M2
Research Subject

Material properties search by nanoindentation

Hobby Yokohama DeNA Baystars, Reading books, Work out, Cycling


I have been already thinking of going to a doctoral program and participating in a high-level of research activities when I entered Keio university. However, as I have been learning lots, I became aware that learning only technical knowledge of my research field was not enough. Thus, I decided to participate in the Program for Leading Graduate School (PLGS). I will be able to obtain a wide and precious experience in PLGS that I am never able to have in normal research activity. Activities of PLGS will include designated classes and training, research of the second major and discussions with mentors. I will make my best effort not only to be engaged in my first major research areas, but also to learn more knowledge in PLGS and become a person to make this world better.