Keisuke Ujike

First Major Graduate School of Media and Governance M2
Research Subject

A conceptualization and scale development of "Ibasho" in industrial domain

Hobby Badminton, Coffee, Making a living without money during weekdays.


My research is to clarify how workers feel ibasho. Ibasho is the Japanese idiosyncratic term, which means the physical and psychological place where you can be authentically yourself or you feel sense of yourself. Some people might say “Feeling yourself at work is not as easy as you think”. However, it is up to you whether you work in your own way or given way by a company. In the super aging society, the pension system will not function anymore in the same manner as before and our generation may need to work until more than 75 years old. In such a long work life, do you spend your time as a part of machine or individual? I would like to conduct researches that will support you in being yourself at work.