A delegation from Lund University visited the core campus of our program

On Saturday, April 22, from Lund University, Dr. Eva Wiberg (Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor), Dr. Viktor Öwall (Dean Faculty of Engineering, Professor), Dr. Olov Sterner (Dean Faculty of Science, Professor) and Mr. Richard Stenelo (International Director & Deputy Executive Director) visited the core campus (Hiyoshi West Annex building) of our program. They attended two seminars of Group Project Exercises (GPE), had a discussion with selected seven students, and gave interesting lectures for students, mentors and professors in our program. Especially, they had great interests in the MMD educational system (double-degree program) and GPE seminars instructed by mentors, mostly an executive- or manager- in their industry.
Lund University, located in the southern part of Sweden, was founded in 1666. It is known as a prestigious university (96th place in the Times Higher Education (THE) and 73rd place in the QS Ranking in 2016) and educates approximately 40,000 students.

Lecture by Dr. Eva Wiberg
(Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor)

Discussion in the seminar held by Professor Shimazaki

Discussion in the seminar held by Professor Yamasaki

Discussion meeting with seven students

Briefing Session for 2017 Spring RA Recruitment

A briefing session for Spring RA recruitment of Keio Leading Graduate School Program, “Science for Development of Super Mature Society” will be held as follows.
Graduate and Undergraduate students including ones (in other universities) planning or considering to join Keio are welcome to participate in the sessions.

1st Briefing Session (@ Mita Campus)

2nd Briefing Session (@ Yagami Campus) during B3/B4 guidance

3rd Briefing Session (@ Hiyoshi Campus)

4th Briefing Session (@ Shinanomachi Campus) during graduate school guidance

5th Briefing Session (@ Mita Campus)

6th Briefing Session (@ Yagami Campus) during M1 guidance

7th Briefing Session (@ Mita Campus)