Students are given various opportunities to make their presentations in English on their research findings or on assigned themes. In addition to progress meetings held during each semester and RA report sessions at the end of each semester, camps are held twice a year during the spring and winter semesters.
Camps bring together advisors, mentors (department manager-level) from a wide variety of industry and government sectors who lead group projects every Saturday, program committee members, project professors and experts with a broad spectrum of career paths. These participants stay overnight during the camp sessions and provide students with advice from multifarious standpoints. Through discussions with one another and with advisors, students are able to broaden their horizons and cultivate their ability to solve problems in a logical manner, as well as gaining unprecedented insights. As a forum for interaction among faculty and experts in a wide range of fields and sectors, summer and winter camps play a highly significant role as a “water hole.”*

* “Waterhole”: A metaphor for a faculty environment in which RAs interact and share ideas with professors, representatives of industry and government and RAs from other majors, similar to a waterhole in an oasis of the savanna where a variety of animals gather.


Winter Camp 2016

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Summer Camp 2016

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Winter Camp 2015

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